New non-Quaker blog: Evolt

I just started a new blog as a place to put everything I think about that doesn’t seem suitable for Quaker blog, called Evolt. I’ll write about politics and culture of all sorts there. I’ll explain the name later (there, not here). In case you’re interested, I’m pasting the text of the first post here, below the cut.

A Tale of Two Blogs

I’m starting this blog because I realized I needed to give my thoughts on politics, culture, psychology, spirituality, etc. a venue separate from my existing blog, The Seed Lifting Up.

I originally wanted that blog to be both about politics/culture and about a funky little community of spiritual seekers called the Society of Friends, aka Quakers (yes, still around, no, not like the Amish), which I happen to belong to.

But most of the minds I want to exchange ideas with in this wide world are (understandably) uninterested in the ponderous business of an Ent-like religious sect, and stopped reading a long time ago. And conversely, I rarely find political discussions with Quakers to be very satisfying.

So it’s become clear that I need to segregate — hence this blog.

Hey Man, What It Is

This blog will be mostly “political,” in a broad sense of the word, though there will be lots of interludes on psychology and language and trashy popstars.

But what I really want it to be about (call me cheesy) is the good, the true & the beautiful — with everything else judged by how it furthers those ends. I don’t care much anymore what label a particular action or idea carries (radical, progressive, conservative) or what ideology it fits into (pacifism, veganism, primitivism) as much as I care about getting to a world more full of life and love and joy. I’m a hopeless pragmatist.

That said, I do have my own general points of view – which I’ll summarize next time.

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  • It seems to me to be a major issue for the Society of Friends today whether on the whole its emphasis is to be, once more, as in the beginning, for this type of open, expectant religion, or whether it is to seek for comfortable formulations that seem to ensure its safety, and that will be hostages against new and dangerous enterprises in the realm of truth.

    Rufus Jones, Rethinking Quaker Principles p. 12

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