QmailI’d like to officially announce Qmail, a service whereby I’m offering @quakerism.net email accounts, powered by Gmail.

If you email me with the address you’d like, I’ll set up an account for you, and you’ll be able access it through a Gmail-based web interface, and/or access your mail using a mail client through POP. Basically it will act exactly like a Gmail account, except your address will end with @quakerism.net instead of @gmail.com.

I have a little over 30 accounts available – 50 really, but I’m saving 10 for a rainy day, and some are already taken, by people who noticed the Qmail link on Quakerism.net or the initial announcement on LiveJournal.
You may ask, why do this? Well, one reason is that it is a way to be a little more visible as a Quaker to the people you contact – a bit like walking around in a Quaker T-shirt.

The one caveat I would add to this is that this particular site, Quakerism.net, though I want it to be inclusive, is likely to be somewhat theologically liberal overall, and very so in some places (i.e. this blog), which some Friends may not want to be associated with in this way. But perhaps other Quaker website admins will offer email accounts in the future?

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