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Centre Greene Community Centre, home of the Montreal Quaker Meeting

Rationalizing Quaker business theory

(There’s a big followup to my last major post on the way, but in the meantime I continue with little tidbitty posts.)
One of the ways I think liberal Quakerism should change (under that name or not) is in being more understandable.
Being such a theory-averse, intuition-based group has many benefits, to be sure. But it’s quite […]

On birthright membership

Briefly: Jez has a post about convinced vs. “birthright” membership — the latter concept being one of my pet peeves about Quaker culture (as I commented there).

Summer plans out west: WA, NM, CA

Turns out I won’t be attending FGC this year, though I did give it serious thought. It also turns out that if you cancel your FGC registration after June 14, as I did, they claim you owe half your registration fees, which in my case comes out to a whopping $300.
My first instinct was indignation. […]

On Quakers and polyamory

A Friend on the PolyQuakers email list recently notifed us of an article on about polyamory. Polyamory, if you aren’t familiar with the concept, means having multiple romantic relationships (poly + amory = “many loves”). It differs from plain old cheating in that it’s all out in the open, and differs from “swinging” (or […]

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  • David M.: Your link doesn't work. Great picture, by the way.
  • Jim: I, like many humans, feel a need to connect. In my case, that connection must include growing ever more inclusive of t...
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  • Michael: Friend Zach, I am very grateful to you for sharing your post-Quaker, nontheist quest in this blog--as well as in your...
  • Nils: Zach, I find this idea, of creating a positive alternative to 'magical-thinking' religion, very appealing, even thoug...
  • Kirk: Over and over, I see Quakers as emphasizing process over product, and that's a good thing. But process is much harder to...


  • The Quakers are not so blindly attached to antiquity, as to keep to customs, merely because they are of an ancient date. But they are ready, on conviction, to change, alter, and improve.

    A Portraiture of Quakerism (1806) by Thomas Clarkson

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