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Announcing Qmail!

I’d like to officially announce Qmail, a service whereby I’m offering email accounts, powered by Gmail.
If you email me with the address you’d like, I’ll set up an account for you, and you’ll be able access it through a Gmail-based web interface, and/or access your mail using a mail client through POP. Basically it […]

Three students beaten at a “Quaker college”

As some of you already know, a beating occurred a little over a week ago at Guilford College in North Carolina, where three students, all of them Palestinian, were punched, kicked, and given concussions by some or all of a group of 15 members of the football team, who allegedly used slurs like “sandnigger” at […]

Nontheism + Quaker meeting for business

Recently, a Friend asked on the nontheist Friends mailing list a very good question:
“What are nontheist Friends doing in meeting for business — since you obviously don’t see it as trying to find the will of God?” (paraphrase mine)
He liked my response, so I am reprinting it below, lightly edited.
It’s a good question about what […]

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  • Kevin: The ads on the tube seem like a wonderful, non-intrusive way of informing the public. I happen to get immediately turned...
  • David M.: Your link doesn't work. Great picture, by the way.
  • Jim: I, like many humans, feel a need to connect. In my case, that connection must include growing ever more inclusive of t...
  • Judy: In response to Nils, I think we may have met through NYM; I'm in Milwaukee. Anyway, you might want to look at the ...
  • Michael: Friend Zach, I am very grateful to you for sharing your post-Quaker, nontheist quest in this blog--as well as in your...
  • Nils: Zach, I find this idea, of creating a positive alternative to 'magical-thinking' religion, very appealing, even thoug...
  • Kirk: Over and over, I see Quakers as emphasizing process over product, and that's a good thing. But process is much harder to...


  • So his initial message was always the same: give up your dependence on doctrines, rituals, preachers and everything else that is external to you, and find the light within you because that will teach you all you need to know. And you already know what the light is, because it's that that makes you uncomfortable about the things you do wrong. So take note of those uncomfortable feelings, and let 'the light in your conscience' show you what they're all about it. If you allow it to, the light will show you the whole truth of your life, and if you then accept that truth, it will set you free – free from guilt and shame, but also free from the powerful desires that made you act wrongly in the first place.

    Rex Ambler,
    Light to Live By p. 7

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