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The place of the past in the Quaker present

(or, Remembering Tomorrow’s Retro Quaker Future…)
I recently joined and introduced myself on the Nontheist Friends email list, and there’s been some interesting discussion on early Friends and the “Conservative leaning liberal” movement that is a major feature of the Quaker blogosphere.
I’m going to post two messages of mine from the discusison (lightly edited).
First, a response […]

‘These things are a good smell’

I just came across a pretty amusing (not to mention a little scary) passage in a letter to Margaret Fell from Francis Howgill (an important early Quaker minister), in an article I and some other Friends in the Boston area may read together soon for our fledgling early Quaker reading group.
Describing a recent convert […]

Catching up on the Slate Green Challenge: Heating

So we’re in week 3 or 4 of the Green Challenge, an 8-week program to help people reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.
I just did the quizzes/challenges for the first two weeks, on transportation and heating – which together make up almost half of the greenhouse gasses most people produce.
The heating article/quiz was the most […]

Spam problem fixed

You should no longer have to register/log in to post comments, thanks to a new plugin I’m using (recommend by Kirk of Street Corner Society).

Quick props to Democracy Now

Having begun to pay more attention to relatively mainstream media lately (a clue why in the previous post), my favorite new-to-me news outlet of the past few weeks is hands-down Democracy Now!. It tends to share the same biases of the major newsmedia in terms of what they cover, but with a better how – intelligently […]

Confessions of a moderate radical

“Even though I’ve always loved who you are, I also appreciate the fact that you never stop dramatically changing,” a friend of mine told me once.
I took it as a compliment. But it’s actually rather exhausting. And I’m in the middle of one of those “dramatic changes” right now, which is why I haven’t […]

What is your ecological footprint?

The Green Challenge, which I heard about from Karen of A Musing Environment, has a quiz that determines your carbon dioxide emissions. This seems to be essentially an “ecological footprint” quiz under a different name.
You should take the quiz, and you should also follow Slate’s 8-week series on how to reduce one’s CO2 emissions. […]

Is God Green?

PBS’s Bill Moyers has done really interesting segment on the growing environmentalism of conservative Christians, called “Is God Green?“

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  • There is a joke about the Russians, sometimes told by Russians. A young man from the provinces, inspired by a local doctor, travels to St. Petersburg because he wants to study “life.” He reads, he writes and eventually he enters medical school. On the first day of class the professor enters the hushed auditorium and announces, “Gentlemen, today we will discuss the pancreas.” The young man leaps from his seat, enraged. “The pancreas? How dare you mention the pancreas! We are not here to study the pancreas, we are here to study ... LIFE!”

    Mark Lilla

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