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Recovering the old Quaker fire without burning anybody

He would be the lunatic of one idea
in a world of ideas, who would have all the people
live, work, suffer and die in that idea
in a world of ideas. (Wallace Stevens)

A few posts ago, where I said I would like to see brought back the fire and energy of the earliest generation of Quakers in […]

God-denying vegetables + weekend preview

In case you didn’t see it, a recent post by my new favorite Quaker blogger Richard M called “Of Athiests and Onions” is very interesting. In a nutshell, he explains how, from a theistic perspective, many Friends who describe themselves as nontheist may in fact be “theistic” in some deeper sense. I’ll save my comments […]

Spam and commenting

So people keep losing their comments through the spam plugin I’ve been using, and it’s not even stopping spam that well anymore, so I’m disabling it. Instead, you’ll have to register (once) and be logged in each time you comment. This is slightly inconvenient for commenters, but at least it won’t eat anyone’s comments while […]

A modest proposal on the Quaker blogosphere

The rumblings about the Quaker blogosphere continue. . .
Most recently, Liz Opp suggests that the Quaker blogosphere has become like a “popcorn meeting” — a meeting where there is too much gabbing and not enough deep silence and listening. (Cf. my two posts on the Q-blogosphere becoming overwhelming.)
I want to make a proposal, […]

Revolution and the Quakers that Friends aren’t

Recently Matt left a comment asking a question on anarchism — what is the way forward?
“I’m frustrated with the anarchist movement as a whole because it seems most anarchists feel that the only way to affect real, radical change is through violence. I’m of the opinion that we can’t have a political revolution without a […]

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  • Michael: Friend Zach, I am very grateful to you for sharing your post-Quaker, nontheist quest in this blog--as well as in your...
  • Nils: Zach, I find this idea, of creating a positive alternative to 'magical-thinking' religion, very appealing, even thoug...
  • Kirk: Over and over, I see Quakers as emphasizing process over product, and that's a good thing. But process is much harder to...


  • The Quakers are not so blindly attached to antiquity, as to keep to customs, merely because they are of an ancient date. But they are ready, on conviction, to change, alter, and improve.

    A Portraiture of Quakerism (1806) by Thomas Clarkson

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