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“Sex… with Quakers”

That was the name of the retreat I was just at this weekend, at the Northampton Friends Meeting, though they just provided the space – the retreat itself was organized by the New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) Young Adult Friends (YAFs), of which I am one (and a onetime recording clerk). I and a girl named Cat cooked, to basically positive fanfare, though I feel like both the injudra and the General Tao’s Seitan were less good than they should’ve been.

The retreat title was a little tongue in cheek. The real topic was “sexuality and spirituality” – which I find a little bit hard to pin down, but it ended up working well . . .

Thoughts on the Quaker blogosphere

I think the Quaker blogosphere is getting kind of overwhelming.

I remember when I started, there were about a dozen or so of us (Martin, Rich, Amanda, Rob, Lorcan, beppe, Pam, Liz, etc.), and we mostly all were familiar with each other, and it was possible to keep up on everyone’s blogs. Now, I think there’s thirty or forty and counting. Which might not sound like a lot, but it’s more than anyone can reasonably keep up with.

Which is fine – there’s no need to keep up with all of it. But the whole giant verb-fest still sometimes seems to suffer from two problems:

Free, single + disengaged

I wish I had an impressive first post for this new version of this blog, now that I’ve migrated to a new host and blog platform, and more importantly, opened a new chapter (if not volume) in my life, free from the oppressive atmosphere of my college and ready to take on the world.

But my plans to do great things, at least in the worlds of eco-anarchism and Quaker ministry, have hit a couple snags.

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  • I am separated, as to bodily presence, from you; but I cannot forget you, because ye are written on my heart, and I cannot but desire your peace and welfare, as of my own soul.

    And this is my present cry for you. Oh that ye might feel the breath of life, that life which at first quickened you, and which still quickeneth, being felt; and that breath of life has power over death; and being felt by you, will bow down death in you, and ye will feel the seed lifting up its head over that which oppresseth it.

    Isaac Penington
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