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A note on being constructive

Having just posted a basically intellectual reply to two comments on “Carrying the Society as long as you can”, I want to also affirm the wisdom of what philosopher Philip Kitcher says in this interview, which you should listen to if you have any interest in the things I’ve been writing about lately. One of […]

Carrying the Society as long as you can

[Apologies to feed or post-by-email readers who received an incomplete draft of this post…]
If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months, you probably recall the entry “A post-Quaker vision of the Society of Friends”. When I wrote that, I was in the opening throes of a period of intellectual reorganization, which I […]

Science vs. soul in Russia

In the NY Times Book Review this morning there is an interesting review of a book on Russia’s complicated relationship with modern Western ideas, which has various resonances for Friends and religious people generally, I believe. Excerpts:
There is a joke about the Russians, sometimes told by Russians. A young man from the provinces, inspired by […]

God’s will for a nontheist

A number of people (including one theistic Friend) told me they liked what I wrote below on the Nontheist Friends email list the other day, so I’m posting it here in case it’s helpful to anyone else. I was responding to a Friend who spoke about having a hard time with “God’s will” language:
I had […]

A post-Quaker vision of the Society of Friends

I’m going to take a hiatus from Quaker blogging, for at least a month or two, though I’ll probably still be contributing to my non-Quaker blog and to Quakerpedia, a Quaker wiki reference project I’m working on, as well as commenting on other blogs.
Partially this is because I want to devote more time to my […]

New non-Quaker blog: Evolt

I just started a new blog as a place to put everything I think about that doesn’t seem suitable for Quaker blog, called Evolt. I’ll write about politics and culture of all sorts there. I’ll explain the name later (there, not here). In case you’re interested, I’m pasting the text of the first post here, […]

Simplicity, beauty + testimony

I haven’t blogged here for awhile, in one way or another mostly due to having attended the recent Young Adult Friends gathering in Burlington, New Jersey (photos | my photos). Met a lot of good people there. Hope to blog about it soon.
Right now though I want to highlight a post by Micah (who I […]

Three students beaten at a “Quaker college”

As some of you already know, a beating occurred a little over a week ago at Guilford College in North Carolina, where three students, all of them Palestinian, were punched, kicked, and given concussions by some or all of a group of 15 members of the football team, who allegedly used slurs like “sandnigger” at […]

Nontheism + Quaker meeting for business

Recently, a Friend asked on the nontheist Friends mailing list a very good question:
“What are nontheist Friends doing in meeting for business — since you obviously don’t see it as trying to find the will of God?” (paraphrase mine)
He liked my response, so I am reprinting it below, lightly edited.
It’s a good question about what […]

Hating the oppressor

Ever since I and Matt started an “Anarchist Spirituality“ forum on LiveJournal a little over a week ago, I’ve been trying to get clearer on what specifically are the things that bother me about secular or “non-spiritual” radical political culture.
And yesterday I got a magazine in the mail (Bite Back #11) that has given me […]

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  • I am separated, as to bodily presence, from you; but I cannot forget you, because ye are written on my heart, and I cannot but desire your peace and welfare, as of my own soul.

    And this is my present cry for you. Oh that ye might feel the breath of life, that life which at first quickened you, and which still quickeneth, being felt; and that breath of life has power over death; and being felt by you, will bow down death in you, and ye will feel the seed lifting up its head over that which oppresseth it.

    Isaac Penington
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