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Carrying the Society as long as you can

[Apologies to feed or post-by-email readers who received an incomplete draft of this post…]
If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months, you probably recall the entry “A post-Quaker vision of the Society of Friends”. When I wrote that, I was in the opening throes of a period of intellectual reorganization, which I […]

The universe keeps surprising me

Briefly — My perspective on evangelical Friends changing, in part after reading more about Freedom Friends church, though I should say I’m not sure how representative they are of evangelical Friends generally; they aren’t even a part of Northwest YM. I’m not ready to say much more about this topic yet.
It’s partly explained by my […]

On Quakers and polyamory

A Friend on the PolyQuakers email list recently notifed us of an article on about polyamory. Polyamory, if you aren’t familiar with the concept, means having multiple romantic relationships (poly + amory = “many loves”). It differs from plain old cheating in that it’s all out in the open, and differs from “swinging” (or […]

“Sex… with Quakers”

That was the name of the retreat I was just at this weekend, at the Northampton Friends Meeting, though they just provided the space – the retreat itself was organized by the New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) Young Adult Friends (YAFs), of which I am one (and a onetime recording clerk). I and a girl named Cat cooked, to basically positive fanfare, though I feel like both the injudra and the General Tao’s Seitan were less good than they should’ve been.

The retreat title was a little tongue in cheek. The real topic was “sexuality and spirituality” – which I find a little bit hard to pin down, but it ended up working well . . .

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  • There is a joke about the Russians, sometimes told by Russians. A young man from the provinces, inspired by a local doctor, travels to St. Petersburg because he wants to study “life.” He reads, he writes and eventually he enters medical school. On the first day of class the professor enters the hushed auditorium and announces, “Gentlemen, today we will discuss the pancreas.” The young man leaps from his seat, enraged. “The pancreas? How dare you mention the pancreas! We are not here to study the pancreas, we are here to study ... LIFE!”

    Mark Lilla

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