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On Quakers and polyamory

A Friend on the PolyQuakers email list recently notifed us of an article on about polyamory. Polyamory, if you aren’t familiar with the concept, means having multiple romantic relationships (poly + amory = “many loves”). It differs from plain old cheating in that it’s all out in the open, and differs from “swinging” (or […]

New non-Quaker blog: Evolt

I just started a new blog as a place to put everything I think about that doesn’t seem suitable for Quaker blog, called Evolt. I’ll write about politics and culture of all sorts there. I’ll explain the name later (there, not here). In case you’re interested, I’m pasting the text of the first post here, […]

A business meeting at Cambridge on child abuse

Yesterday I went to my first business meeting at Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Massachusetts, not UK), where I’ve generally been attending since I moved to Boston this summer – and where a long process of discernment on protecting children at the meeting from child physical and sexual abuse is beginnning to come to resolution.
The business […]

“Sex… with Quakers”

That was the name of the retreat I was just at this weekend, at the Northampton Friends Meeting, though they just provided the space – the retreat itself was organized by the New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) Young Adult Friends (YAFs), of which I am one (and a onetime recording clerk). I and a girl named Cat cooked, to basically positive fanfare, though I feel like both the injudra and the General Tao’s Seitan were less good than they should’ve been.

The retreat title was a little tongue in cheek. The real topic was “sexuality and spirituality” – which I find a little bit hard to pin down, but it ended up working well . . .

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  • So his initial message was always the same: give up your dependence on doctrines, rituals, preachers and everything else that is external to you, and find the light within you because that will teach you all you need to know. And you already know what the light is, because it's that that makes you uncomfortable about the things you do wrong. So take note of those uncomfortable feelings, and let 'the light in your conscience' show you what they're all about it. If you allow it to, the light will show you the whole truth of your life, and if you then accept that truth, it will set you free – free from guilt and shame, but also free from the powerful desires that made you act wrongly in the first place.

    Rex Ambler,
    Light to Live By p. 7

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